Sunday, October 9, 2011

Prof. Iadevaia's HABE

The culmination of a project that included almost one year of design, planning and building occurred on 8 Oct 2011 when Prof. Iadevaia's High Altitude Balloon Experiment was launched. The Professional Development program at Pima College East Campus supported, in part, this experiment.The HABE payload was part of ANSR Flight 64, a flight to test equipment and techniques used with the various student and teacher NASA sponsored AZ Space Grant launches during the year. All equipment on the HABE payload worked flawlessly and the images and video taken were fantastic.

Friday, October 7, 2011

HABE Pre-flight

Professor Iadevaia explains the pre-flight payload components for his High Altitude Balloon Experiment (HABE) that will be launched as part of the ANSR Flight 64. Included in the payload will be 2 HD cameras, one recording HD video the othe HD still images taken at 5 second intervals. There is also a 3 axis accelerometer and temperature, humidity and pressure data logger. Flight is scheduled for Saturday, 8 Oct 2011.